UVU's Business Resource Center

For entrepreneurs and business owners, the BRC is a one–stop shop for resources, expertise and assistance that accelerate business growth. The BRC plays a vital role in the region’s economic development engine and business ecosystem helping facilitation of job creation and growth. Perhaps a more fitting metaphor is this: it’s a greenhouse, where the seeds of economic activity are planted and nourished so they can grow to their full potential.

Steven Roy

Associate VP of economic development

Formerly a director with USTAR, Steven Roy brings more than 15 years of experience in business, organizational and economic development strategies to his current post at UVU.

Email: steven.roy@uvu.edu

Roger Andrus

Director of the BRC

Formerly executive director of Provo’s Business Development Corporation, Roger Andrus brings two decades of experience to his role as director of the BRC

Email: RAndrus@uvu.edu

Shauna Theobald

Director of UVU Entrepreneurship Institute

Shauna Theobald’s career has focused on creating and growing businesses. She previously directed the Novell Technology Center, an incubator for high–tech startups.

Email: shauna.theobald@uvu.edu

Ken Fakler

Director of UVU Small Business Development Center

Before taking his current post at UVU, Ken Fakler helped manage the family business, Fakler Tire Service, which operated in Utah County for more than 35 years.

Email: faklerke@uvu.edu

Kent Millington

Director of UVU Technology Commercialization Center

A career entrepreneur, Kent Millington has more than 35 years of experience in business management and new ventures. Most recently, he was president of IP Development Professionals.

Email: milliken@uvu.edu

Ryan Angus

Associate director of economic development

Ryan Angus has more than 10 years of experience in high–tech industries. In his current role at UVU, he works with USTAR on grant programs for startups.

Email: rangus@uvu.edu

Chad Parker

Executive Director of Manufacturing Extension Partnership

A UVU alumnus in accounting, Chad Parker spent a decade in the manufacturing sector before joining the MEP in 2001.

Email: PARKERCM@uvu.edu

Corey Holley

Regional Manager of Procurement Technical Assistance

PTAC helps Utah small businesses do business with the government in all phases, federal, state, and local.

Email: cholley@utah.gov

Karen Wenn


Karen Wenn came to the BRC with entrepreneurship experience and over 20 years of business experience.

Email: KarenW@uvu.edu

Programs currently offered by the BRC:

  • Economic development
  • Small business development
  • Technology commercialization
  • Science and technology
  • Manufacturing extension
  • Procurement and technical assistance

Cutting Edge Programs

UVU BRC Accelerator Program

The UVU Business Resource Center (BRC) is a Process–Driven Accelerator designed to help entrepreneurs validate big ideas and then scale into profitable ventures. Participating entrepreneurs will have access to cutting–edge tools, methodologies, grants, mentors and office space. In short, the BRC is the hub for helping entrepreneurs accelerate their access to money, markets, and mentors.

NEW – UVU Business Resource Center in conjunction with Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) is now offering Go–To–Market Grants, up to $20,000, to entrepreneurs developing ideas in the Software/Hardware, Digital Media, Web Related, or Advanced Manufacturing markets. No equity required! Plus 11 “incubators,” or physical space that can be used by entrepreneurs trying to get a business off the ground.

Revenue Accelerator Program – powered by utahTECHX.com

Program provides participating companies with access to expert–driven sales and marketing mentoring. Program includes proven methodologies and cutting–edge tools for rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue results helping companies address their three biggest problems: Generating More Leads, Closing More Business and Keeping More Customers.

Economic Development at UVU

There are countless aspects to growing the economy, but none is more important than jobs. Without jobs, economic progress stalls as consumer confidence erodes and cash stops flowing.

Utah Valley University has long recognized the vital role that institutions of higher education play in economic development. UVU’s emphasis on engaged, or experiential learning and the longstanding institutional focus on community integration are examples of the University’s historical role in facilitating economic growth in Utah. Today, UVU is more engaged than ever in actively promoting economic growth and opportunity.

UVU's primary focus is on working with entrepreneurs to create new companies and helping small and medium–sized firms grow. UVU also supports state efforts to recruit and retain companies that add value to Utah's economy.

Jobs chart

The BRC supports economic development by creating, growing, attracting and retaining companies that provide jobs. The BRC’s emphasis is on creating and growing (75%) and provides support for state efforts to recruit and retain (25%).